Washington State Mom to Drag Queens: Time to Take Off the Dress


Society is getting darker and more depraved by the day. Sexual perversion is being celebrated, children are openly being groomed in the public arena, and women are still being sexually victimized by men—men in dresses that is.

Anna Bohach and her group, 500 Mom Strong, aren’t going to take it anymore. They have taken matters into their own hands and are actively fighting against the cultural invasion of drag queens and sexual immorality. We need to look to her, and women like her, for inspiration. After all, this battle isn’t going to fight itself! If we don’t start stepping up to the plate, it’s only going to get worse, and that’s a terrifying prospect.

In a fierce op-ed, Bohach gives some very compelling reasons why drag should offend us, if it doesn’t already. Most of us recognize that drag queens are inappropriate guests for children’s story times but as Bohach points out, they are also degrading and offensive to women.

In America, drag got its start in the minstrel shows of the early to mid-19th century. Blackface and drag were tools used to embarrass, shame and control black Americans and women.

For 150 years, from the start of the first minstrel shows, women have been portrayed by men in drag in demeaning, ridiculous and over-the-top performances.

She brings up an excellent and valid point: women are being mocked and degraded in the name of “love” and “acceptance.” Men are using drag as a means to shame women and because these men are part of the “LGBT community,” it’s being fully embraced by the left, in spite of all their claims of being supportive of women’s “equality.” 

Bohach continues:

Women to this day are murdered, raped, beaten, shamed and humiliated because of their sex. Women were denied the right to vote or hold property in this country until August 18th, 1919. From the dawn of time women have had little to no human rights. Even today, young girls are sexually mutilated and sold into slavery. Women are by far the largest group to be victims of domestic and sexual violence. I would hardly call that a “hangnail.”

Women demand equality but have allowed the LGBT community to dictate its terms. Women are still being victimized. The LGBT agenda is at odds with women. Drag is downright offensive and if we do not take a stand against it, and point out the obvious insult in it, we will continue to see it overtake our society.

There is certainly no place for drag queens in our public libraries indoctrinating our young, impressionable children, grooming them to accept sexual abuse and perversion, as well as painting this disparaging image of women. 

You say “If I don’t like it, don’t go.” That statement is simple enough, but what does it say to my two daughters? If I see a group of teenage boys harassing a young girl, would you say to me, “If you don’t like it, walk away”? I will not ignore a sexist minstrel show that depicts women as foolish sex objects.

What do our children really have to learn from interacting with drag queens? That it’s OK to mock and ridicule women? That what makes a woman a woman is perverse sexualized behavior? That is how drag queens are depicting how women behave to our children.

It’s one thing for them to do it at dark, seedy nightclubs among other consenting adults, but children do not consent to be exposed to this, despite their own parents forcing it upon them. If we as a society are not defending children from this debauchery, what will the state of their souls be come adulthood? What kind of value will little girls grow up feeling? How can boys grow up respecting women after seeing them depicted in such a disturbing, degrading way?

Now is the time to get involved and make your voice heard. The public inundation of drag queens needs to be stopped. It isn’t going to stop itself. We have to quit being scared to stand up for what is right. It might be hard, it might cost you something, but in the end, a clear conscience is invaluable.

Be sure to sign our petition to let the American Library Association know that we do not support Drag Queen Story Hours in the libraries that we fund with our taxes!


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