Washington State School District Votes To Repeal Required Sex Ed Programs


While some families live in leftist-dominated regions and school districts that are incredibly difficult to reform and instead choose to pull their children out of the school system altogether, we are starting to see more and more districts go back to the fundamentals and start rooting out dubiously educational material that has no place being taught to children.

This is why we fight, folks! We can make a difference! 

In Clark County, Washington, the Battle Ground Public School district voted on Monday, October 28 to eliminate district requirements for sex education.

The Columbian reports:

The board voted 3-2 to overhaul its internal sexual health education policy, eliminating requirements that the district teach sex ed unless the state requires it. As it stands, Washington law only requires that school districts teach about HIV and AIDS prevention. If districts do teach sexual health education, it must be comprehensive and compliant with state standards.

Board members Troy McCoy and Mark Watrin voted against changing the policy.

The vote drew gasps and applause from a packed audience, many of whom wore teal shirts declaring their opposition to comprehensive sexual health education.

The decision ends more than a year of deliberation and discussion on the subject of sexual health curriculum, marked by heated testimony by parents who claim comprehensive sexual health education will promote promiscuity among teenage students.


One of the most hotly debated components of the proposed “comprehensive” sex education (CSE) was a unit on so-called orientation and “gender identity,” which parents rightfully feared would “promote an LGBTQ agenda.”

Shauna Walters, a candidate for Battle Ground City Council, called the curriculum an attempt by outside entities and elitists to import “foreign interests of the sex industry” into the Portland suburb.

“They do not care about respecting our local communities,” Walters added. “Rather, they only wish to disrupt our values and corrupt our children.”


While some Washington state legislators continue to mull over a statewide CSE mandate and tout the supposed societal benefits of such curricula, others call out the clear, hyper-sexualized, grossly inappropriate nature of CSE.

Rep. Vicki Kraft (R-Vancouver) made a point to be present at Monday’s meeting to urge the school board to vote against the curriculum. Kraft, whom the Columbian says made her stance against CSE known in the last legislative session, called the curriculum part of a larger agenda to “groom and sexualize children.”

How refreshing to hear from a politician who knows what’s really going on!

Please reach out to the Battle Ground Board of Directors, Rep. Vicki Kraft, and Shauna Walters to thank them for their efforts in restoring some measure of sanity back to the school system!

If we are ever to salvage our nation’s educational system, we must take an active role in it, and in our children’s lives. It’s simple: the school should focus on academic excellence, and parents should focus on instilling moral and spiritual values, as well as shepherding their children through questions on one of God’s greatest gifts, human sexuality.

We must never submit to the leftist idea that our children belong to the State and are theirs to educate as they see fit. Our children belong to God and are given to us by Him to raise up according to His word!


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