WATCH: Viral Dad Vlogger Tells Son To Do What With Barbie Doll?


Aww, Daddy’s gonna let his boys choose whatever sexuality they want. Isn’t that sweet?

NO! One hundred times NO!

It is perverted. It is wrong. It is borderline child abuse.

The viral video of this dad vlogger, Mikki Willis, celebrating “whatever” sexual choices his children make is not a symbol of fatherly love. It is an assault on traditional family values and is an attempt to blur all distinctions between the sexes. If I was a six-year-old wanting a doll, it’d be because I’d want to stick it in a fire ant mound, shoot it with my bee-bee gun, or run it over with my bicycle. Maybe all three in that order. Perhaps this kid had similar boyish intentions for this girly doll, but Dad had to turn it into a lesson in transgender psychosexual babble.

In Mikki’s words: “I let my boys choose their life. That’s how momma and I, you know, that’s how we are. We just say, whatever…we say, yeah, choose it. Choose your expression. Choose what you’re into. Choose your sexuality. Choose whatever; and you have my promise right now, both of you, you have my promise forever to love you and accept you no matter what life you choose.”

If your child chooses to run out into a busy street and you stand idly by, then you are not being loving and you are RESPONSIBLE for what happens. Love demands you do what’s best for them. If they want to eat marshmallows and drink chocolate syrup three meals a day, it is not loving to let them. If they want to play video games instead of go to school, it is not loving to let them. Love does what’s best for others. Reinforcing the natural distinction between men and women, and teaching God’s rules governing sexuality promotes what is best for us.

The Christian standard for raising children is this: “Train up your child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). In the way they SHOULD go, not the way they WANT to go. But according to the father in this video, the standard for loving your children is simply “whatever.” (I’d bet my last dollar if his two kids grew up to get their jollies off bashing gays or practicing “conversion therapy” for those with unwanted homosexual attractions, betcha he wouldn’t accept that! Betcha Mikki wouldn’t let them CHOOSE that!) It is your duty as parents to teach your children right from wrong. If your preference is to allow your children to do “whatever” they want, then you do not love them.

Gender roles and sexuality are intrinsically moral issues, and as such, it is the duty of every parent to teach their boys to be morally upright men and their girls to be morally upright women. Stop pretending like it’s “love” to let your children go down whatever path they see fit. That’s not love; it’s sexual anarchy and laziness. Parents, you will be held accountable to God for the values you impart.

That gender is a choice is unscientific and self-evidently false. It is a scientific, self-evident fact that every homosexual lives in a physiologically heterosexual body. You don’t need the Bible to know this. You can get a physiology textbook from the library and discover the heterosexual design behind your sexual organs. Homosexual sin is unnatural and contrary to our biological design. Biology isn’t a matter of preference. God’s standard for sexual morality is not arbitrary, it’s fitting for our design, it’s best for our relationships, and it’s not up to a vote.

We need to resolve that we will pray for our children and love them despite whatever actions they choose to take in life, but we also need to take responsibility and raise them in the way they “should” go, not necessarily the way they “want” to go.

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