Wiccans And Pagans Gather To Unseat TX Councilmen Who Protested Drag Queen Story Hour


When the left seeks to destroy anyone who dares to stand up to their agenda, is it any wonder that so few in positions of power and influence are willing to fight for sanity and reason?

The people of Cedar Park, Texas are blessed with two such people, city councilors Tim Kelly and Dorian Chavez. 

According to Hill Country News, Chavez and Kelly are both outspoken conservatives who recently came under fire after expressing their opposition to a Drag Queen Story Hour that took place in neighboring Leander, Texas.

“I don’t feel the need to apologize for my actions as a citizen, which had nothing to do with this city,” Kelly told Hill Country News. “We did not give up our rights and we’re not held to a higher standard. We’re held to the same standard as everyone else.”

Southern cultural commentary site The Hayride claims that an Austin-based coven of practicing witches are the councilors’ greatest opponents, harassing them on social media for expressing their Christian faith as private citizens and calling on them to resign.

In response to what he calls continued harassment and threats directed at himself and Kelly, Chavez made his position on the issues of extreme leftism clear: 

Still standing my ground!

Posted by Not Dorian Chavez’s Cedar Park City Council Page on Thursday, September 12, 2019

Chavez named the “Satanic” coven) along with Indivisible Austin, a leftist political action group looking to turn the state blue, and Antifa as a coalition of Leftist activists who have “no problem” with doxxing or harassment of conservative activists.

“These groups are the true fascists,” Chavez said of the activists. 

Activist Mommy was also contacted directly about what is happening to Chavez, with more claims of threats made against him and his family. 

As an elected official, Chavez clarified that he would defend the rights of each of his constituents regardless of their political or religious leanings, or lack thereof, and instead opposes the “singling out” of conservatives.

“If the conservative residents of Cedar Park do not wake up, and become more active you will lose your way of life as we know it. I will fall on a sword 1,001 times for you to keep the evil away — the Social Justice Warrior bullcrap,” Chavez continued. “You think I’m kidding … if you don’t agree with them, they will go after everything you have.”

On Friday, Kelly took to social media himself to encourage the people of Cedar Park to respond to these shady, occultic groups with prayer:

Oddly enough, Tim’s now-deleted post was covered by Hemant Mehta, “The Friendly Atheist,” who has spent quite a lot of energy attacking Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, in a short, poorly-researched article mocking Kelly under the mistaken premise that he was simply sitting outside a public park in the middle of the night and trying to “keep the ‘witches and satan worshipers’ away with his Jesus prayers.”

While they continue to stand against the onslaught of leftism in their community, Chavez and Kelly need our support! Please consider supporting their reelection campaigns, and seek the Lord in prayer that they would not be overcome by the forces of darkness in this world.

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