WIN: Ohio Elementary School Cancels Drag Queen Story Hour After Pressure From Activists


We’ve got another win to report against the sexual grooming of children by Drag Queen Story Hour, folks!! This is truly a testament to the power of community activism.

According to National File, Clinton Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio has officially canceled its Disney-themed Drag Queen Story Hour event which was set to take place on February 11.

A drag performer calling himself “Valerie Taylor” broke the news in a Facebook post on Tuesday, lamenting that the event was “the latest casualty by ‘The Activist Mommy’ and her followers.”

News flash: we weren’t even involved! This is just how much local residents cared about stopping this event. We are not the only people concerned about this rising trend!

“What should have been a fun-filled evening for children who were going to get to spend time reading books with actors impersonating their favorite Disney characters, has now turned into another political win for that group and acts as a sad reminder of the uphill battle we’re still facing in America,” Taylor continued. “Within hours of ‘The Activist Mommy’ hearing about the event, her followers had already sent hundreds of emails and were threatening to flood the school district with calls, protests and violence.”

As is often the case with events like these, our side is being accused of threats of violence without a shred of proof. Now, we do not condone violence or threats thereof to any degree, but these are people who believe that speech is violence, remember, so for all we know someone threatened to show up and pray for them!

Anyone who supports our mission knows that we do not condone, encourage, or incite violence or threats toward anyone under any circumstances. These people need to come up with a better line!

Although Taylor and his drag pals blamed Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy for the cancelation of this event, as we mentioned, we can’t take the credit.

That honor goes to Kaye Elle Lothbrook and several other activists who flooded the school with phone calls, urging them to cancel the perverted event.

“I’m going to call this a win! We can stop DQSH if everyone stands up like this & says #dragqueensarenotforkids,” Lothbrook tweeted earlier this week.

The cancellation of the event was devastating for Taylor and the other performers.

“And let me remind you, this was a Disney themed event, which was to encourage children to read,” Taylor’s post continued. “I’m truly at a loss for words to understand their rationale for fighting such a positive and enriching event for children, but this our reality in America.”

I don’t need to point out the obvious fact that promoting literacy is little more than an afterthought at these events. Their primary goal is to brainwash children into blind acceptance of LGBT perversion and mold them into good, “inclusive” little leftists. Using Disney characters to do it is beyond gross, mirroring the classic pedophile tactic of using games and fun characters to lure children.

These people can claim moral high ground all they want. They can accuse us of hatred and violent threats. The fact that they are stooping so low just proves that they have nothing to stand on.

When asked by National File for confirmation that the event had indeed been cancelled,  the school secretary tersely replied, “Yes.” When asked why, the response was simply, “Because of haters.”

How eloquent!

We prefer to think of ourselves as mothers and fathers standing against the rising tide of sexual immorality seeping into libraries, schools, and other public venues in which our children should be safe from such confusion.

If all they can come up with is “haters,” well, let them! We know the truth. These events are dangerous and damaging. It is because we love children that we will never stop fighting to shield them from this.

To Lothbrook and all the warriors who fought this sick event, our hats off to you!

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