You Won’t Believe How Many Children In the UK Are Being Sent to Sex Change Clinics


A new form of child abuse is sweeping the Western world. Sex changes for children.

We’ve documented some disturbing trends in attitudes towards gender coming out of the UK recently, including the case of a little boy who was made to live as a girl by his mother for years before a judge removed the child from her care. In this case, the mother seemed fully convinced her son wanted to be a girl, although he was probably only five years old when she decided this.

A recent report from The Mirror indicates that this poor little boy might not be the only child to fall victim to a well-meaning but seriously misguided parent who decides their child might be transgender.

A leading sex-change clinic in the UK has seen a crippling increase in numbers of children seeking sex change treatment and counseling, The Mirror reports, and experts are wondering how much of this increase is due to a genuine growth of gender dysphoria.

The Gender Identity Development Service is reporting a stunning 24% increase in visits from children in the past six months. While the clinic had 97 children referred to the clinic in 2009, in the 2016-2017 school year, 2,016 children were referred.

Ashley Grossman, a gender dysphoria expert from Oxford University, says that “This is a massive increase. We don’t know whether this is a true increase or that these kids in the past just didn’t know this service existed.”

However, as gender expert Professor ­Miroslav Djordjevic explains, the trend may have more to do with parents than it does with the children themselves.

“I cannot believe the 50 a week will all be transgender,” he says. “We’re seeing a lot of parents who come for help because they are not sure if there children are transgender or just being children. To say a girl of 5 is transgender is ­impossible. But it is easier to ask than not do anything and children suffer. At the minute it’s ­something like a fashion.”

In 2017, the clinic had two 4-year-olds, four 5-year-olds, and seventeen 6-year-olds seek sex-change services.

While it is pretty well-established that children who identify as transgender when they are young often grow out of it, the clinic will still provide hormone blockers to pre-pubescent children to help them stave off the features of their biological gender, which is horrifying.

A woman who went through sex change treatment as an adult spoke with The Mirror and expressed concern at children going through this treatment at such a young age.

“I’m very concerned that if I was a teenager now or even younger, I or my parents would be pushed to consider me then as transgender,” she said. “I would have welcomed that at the time.”

“A young person may now take hormones or have surgery and later regret it,” she explained. “By giving treatment to children, we may be perpetrating a great harm.”

She said that now, at 30-years-old, she is able for the first time to feel comfortable in her biological gender.

Can you imagine what harm is being done to children who are allowed to “transition” at such a young age? Society is crumbling when parents are letting the whims of their little ones lead them down a path of life-altering consequences. Even if a child is suffering from legitimate gender dysphoria, they have a good chance of adjusting to their biological sex when they are older, but parents who condone these kinds of treatment are permanently damaging their children’s future.

Parents need to be parents and guide and protect their children, but they are living in a society that consistently normalizes transgenderism, so how can they even know any better? We need to de-normalize this crippling mental illness so that little boys and little girls everywhere can have a chance at a normal, healthy, childhood.

It is highly disturbing to imagine what will happen to this world if we don’t.